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From turnkey race cars, to race car hardware, and safety equipment.
BMW M-Power P48 and M-Sport Individual Packages.
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SpeedieLS® Independent Throttle Body System

SpeedieLS® Direct-to-Head

We design your performance

Custom BM3 Tuning

We only trust Navardi with our engines. The specialize in BMW modifications and tuning.

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Trusted Performance Tuner

TracKing BMW Mini DTM Race Car

Designed in France for Hillclimb, Sprint and short circuit racing. The RC01 is a 462kg single seater, RWD track bread racer, powered by a 312hp supercharged 1.8L V-Twin BMW P2S engine. Tube chassis, and crash box are compliant with CAMS/FIA regulations.

Racing Specialists

We use only trusted brands on our race vehicles. Our building service allows for customer supplied cars or the option for us to source the vehicle on behalf of the customer.

Packages from OE tuned engines to utilizing BMW Power P48/P58/P68 engines.

Trusted Products

Customer reviews

Hyper quoted for a product nolonger available, so they made a new design and manufactured it. They also gave it to me at the original price when the new design cost them $750 more! Very satisfied!

Ben F - Sydney, Australia

COVID stopped Australia Post shipping to Canada, so I almost didn't receive my custom Trumpets. Paid $197 for 4 (a good price). Hyper ended up having to pay $214 for postage, and never charged the excess. Top quality product too, very responsible guys to deal with.

David M - Millet, Canada

Have been impressed with Hyper's designs for months now, never had the cash to splurge, decided to just go for it. The LS3 direct to head kit was definately worth the $3,300... Just wish they were a bit clearer that it did not include injectors. Thanks guys!

Erezibat L - Brisbane, Australia