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BMW F80 F82 GT4S Individual Package

BMW F80 F82 GT4S Individual Package

Hyper BMW PowerSports
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Product description

BMW Individual GT4/S
Suites S55 BMW Engine

Package includes:
2x HyperCharger Turbochargers
1x Hyper BMW PowerSports Individual Throttle Body System, CNC Machined
1x Intake management system with Hyper BMW PowerSports Foam Filters
1x Hyper BMW PowerSports Water Methanol injection package
6x KMS Bosch 1150cc injectors
1x Self install tune

This kit can be managed perfectly with the standard BMW Engine Control Unit. Hyper-Charger uses a twin thrust bearing system (patent pending), propelling the turbofans up to 266,000rpm to deliver superior torque figures and peak efficiency from a lower RPM - carried through to redline. Using Hyper designed an manufactured water-methanol kit with our turbo upgrade will allow for more boost, without the need for a huge intercooler system. Coupling that with our unique designed intake manifold and independent throttle body system, you can expect not only massive power and torque, but blisteringly fast throttle response time as well.

Expect 875 to 940hp on standard engines. Please note, your service intervals will be required more regularly with the use of this system.

This product is manufactured with authority by BMW Group AG by Hyper BMW PowerSports in Australia. Fuel injectors manufactured by KMS in the Netherlands.
About this product
Fitment BMW S55 Engine, F80, F82
Brand Name Hyper BMW PowerSports
Manufacturer Part Number 101 269 803824
Product Type Intake System, Forced Induction, BMW Motorsports