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HyperBUSA - Hayabusa Cold Air Intake Package

HyperBUSA - Hayabusa Cold Air Intake Package

Hyper BMW PowerSports
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Product description

Hayabusa Cold Air Intake Package

Just like you see on the Hyper Mini DTM BMW M4!

Package includes:
Hyper BMW PowerSports Nylon Airbox Body
4x Hyper Nylon Air horns with fuel injection adaptors
4x 300cc KMS injectors, with fuel rails
Hyper BMW PowerSports Box Filter

This kit can be managed perfectly with KMS Fuel Control Module, or run without fuel injectors in place using OEM seupt.

90% Australian made, 100% Assembled in Australia.
About this product
Fitment Gen 1 Hayabusa, Gen 2 Hayabusa, any vehicle running one of these engines.
Brand Name Hyper BMW PowerSports
Manufacturer Part Number 101285-454852
Product Type Air intake system