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BMW E21 / E30 (M10/S14 M3) Direct to Head Package

BMW E21 / E30 (M10/S14 M3) Direct to Head Package

Hyper BMW PowerSports
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Product description

BMW E21 / E30 Direct to head package
Suites BMW E21/E30 powered by M10 and S14 engines

Package includes:
Hyper BMW PowerSports CNC Aluminum Manifold, with integrated throttle bodies
4x 45mm Hyper Nylon Air horns
4x 300cc KMS injectors, with Hyper Injector Clips
Hyper BMW PowerSports Filter Socks

Manufactured by Hyper BMW PowerSports to BMW Motorsport Standard, authorised for licensed sale as a BMW Motorsport product.

90% Australian made, 100% Assembled in Australia.
About this product
Fitment BMW E21 M10B18, 315, 316, 318, 320/4, M10B20, 320i - BMW E30 M10B18, 316, 318i(1982-1987 - BMW S14 engine
Brand Name Hyper BMW PowerSports
Manufacturer Part Number 321330-505940
Product Type Air intake system